Glamour Boutique has been in the business of male to female transformations since 1997. Our makeover artists have been among the best anywhere in this specialized area.

Most female makeover artists are accustomed to making women look more glamorous by maximizing their feminine features. In male to female transformations, the artist must try to minimize male features such as a male jaw, chin, nose, brow area etc and make masculine features such as non prominent cheek bones, closed eyes, thin lips, etc look more feminine. All of this occurs with special highlight shading and contouring (minimizing) coloring along with facial taping and false eyelashes.

All makeover clients must provide their own panties, bras and hosiery. If they plan on leaving the store feminized then they most also have their own clothing, shoes and wig. Any and all of these items are available at our store. Once feminized you can either stay at the store (safe environment) in female mode, change back to male by cleaning up in our bathroom, or going out to any of the local stores or one of the clubs in Providence, Randolph, Hartford, Northampton, Manchester, NH, Danbury, CT or visit a TG social group such as the Tiffany Club (Waltham, MA), Sunshine Girls (S. Hadley, MA) or Connecticut Outreach (West Hartford, CT).

With the makeover (at no extra charge) we will do a few photographs on your camera. We also have more extensive photography options including a pin up girl option. This is a much more extensive situation involving special outfits and green screening and editing afterwards. Contact with exactly what you are looking to do so we can give you a basic price.


Basic Transformation $50 Cash (Trained Artist) Includes a few photos with Your Camera/Phone. Also will help a Bit, with the styling of your wig.
Contact Us at the Store.

Transformation with Full Outfit Rental from the Store - Add $40. (You must buy Panties, Bra and Stockings)

Full Photoshoot -(Add $50 per outfit)

For the Youtube Video of one of our transformations--

For the Youtube Video of one of our transformations--

NOTE: We do not do nude photography. None of our pictures including pin up photography shows intimate body parts.

CONTACT US: GlamourBoutique1 or Telephone (Toll Free) 888-721-3177



Jacques, Downtown Boston

Dark Lady*, Providence, RI

Alley Cat*, Providence, RI

Eagle, Providence, RI, Drag nights

Chez-est, Hartford, CT

Divas*, Northampton, MA

Club 313*, Manchester, NH

*GB recommended


Tiffany Club, Waltham, MA

Connecticut Outreach, West Hartford, CT


First Event Conference, Waltham, MA January