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Glamour Boutique
850 Southbridge Street
Auburn, Massachusetts 01501
Toll Free-888-721-3177
Auburn, MA. 01501
Winter Store Hours : M-SAT. 12 Noon - 6 P.M.

We are Very Proud to Serve Our Customers, for Over 19 Years now !
Our Philosophy is simple :
Sell the Highest Quality Products at the Lowest Possible Prices !

The Glamour Boutique/TG Fashions Story :
In 1995 I joined AOL and discovered the incredible world of surfing the net. I had a friend who had a local lingerie store in my hometown in Massachusetts. One day I approached her and told her that I thought that this new thing called the Internet had some future potential and might be a great way for her to expand her business. I had found a person in Texas who started developing the basic outline of an e-commerce site for her. When it was set up I told my friend that all it would cost her was $350 and we could get her store online. She told me that this 'Internet' thing was too speculative and that she couldn't trust it. She agreed to take a chance if I did all of the work and would get a very small percentage of the income. Of course I refused but because I owed the $350 decided to pay it and take the venture on for myself.

In March 1996 I spent a great deal of time trying to determine the name of the new company. Being superstitious and believing that I subconsciously sabotaged my financial success I decided that I needed to have something in the title that reinforced my feeling of a success. So I came up with GOOD LUCK WITH MONEY which became GOOD LUCK AND MONEY which became GLAM which then became the GLAMOUR BOUTIQUE.

Frustrated by very little business in the beginning, I searched out people who claimed to be able to increase traffic to a web site. A gentleman in the state of Washington sent me a very detailed answer on how to set it up for the many search engines that existed at the time. I eventually paid him $200 to set up meta tags for the search engines and within several days I was coming up in first or second place for many of the search words. Orders started flooding in. At the time I had to be careful that business did not grow too fast because I only had enough money in my bank account to cover filling a few orders.

Soon I had built up almost a thousand dollars when I discovered that the one of my companies had different levels of wholesale pricing depending upon your ordering capacity. I spent all of the money that I had to fill a very large order with the agreement that I would be locked into the best wholesale pricing with that company. This allowed me lower my prices to the lowest compared to my competitors. The next revolutionary step was finding that one of the companies had slightly irregular breast forms at a very discounted prices. Thus Glamour Boutique became the first online site to offer breast forms at under $100. From there I learned that buying quantity brought incredible deals which allowed me to lower my prices even more so.

Having been a teacher for many years I had spent my life serving my students. I soon treated my customers in the same way. I worked at having the best customer service around; I worked incredible hours including half days on Christmas and Thanksgiving; and I dedicated myself to protecting my transgendered customers' privacy while offering only high quality products that worked for their lifestyles.

In October 1997 I opened up a brick and mortar business in Auburn because I could not get out of my house without tripping over the large amount of inventory that had built up. Initially I did not expect to have any customers but just needed room to sort out orders. Soon I realized that my location was centrally located between many of the large cities of New England and within 4 hours of New York which meant that it was accessible to many T customers including those who were just traveling through the area.

I had a tremendous amount of faith in my business model as the Auburn store and online store grew and grew.

We temporarily had a second location on the second floor of the old Vernon's Store in Waltham until the building was sold at auction.

I had been visiting trade shows in Las Vegas and discovered that there were no stores like mine there. So after a search for a good location we opened shop minutes away from the northern part of the strip. Unfortunately, the main tenant in the building did not like our customers and used his pressure on the landlord to try to force us out of business. A set of gates were erected around the main part of the premises and we were the only tenants not given keys. We fought this for two years until the landlord was forced to give us our keys.

Soon after that Jim Bridges approached me about buying his business in Studio City, CA. We opened up and found that our pricing and customer commitment policies were a big hit. Unfortunately the building was sold suddenly and we were told that the new tenants wanted to turn it into a dental facility. So I flew to LA and spent two days packing an incredible amount of product into 60 large boxes which were tagged for a UPS pick up to come back to Massachusetts and Las Vegas. (By the way, the dental suite never occurred. Our site is still a retail clothing store according to a street view look via Google.)

Our Massachusetts store and online business continued growing. We developed the first realistic breast forms and had strong corsets manufactured for the male body along with many other special products for the transgendered.

In 2007 we were at a crossroads because the business was growing so large. I had to make a decision to either find a warehouse location and move everything there or sell the online portion. 16 hour days were becoming real workouts even for me. We found a perfect buyer in the present owner of the web site who has done a fantastic job in maintaining our customer dedication to the community.

In September 2012 after five years of a non compete commitment We Are Back with a scaled down version TGFASHIONS.com
featuring a full line of clothing called GLAM FASHIONS.
I realized that I could not compete against our original web site, nor do I really want to but that I needed to create a line of products that the original site and other T sites did not offer.

So here we are today with the newest little web site that will be like the, "Little Engine that could"---trying to make it back as a thriving and positive site for our community.
We are dedicated to the same service as Yesterday and the same commitment to our customers' Privacy and Needs.

So, WISH US LUCK because "HERE WE GO !"