Why are our prices so low ?

I had a customer e-mail us recently who was very suspicious that we might be a scam company because our prices were so low.

I was a little surprised but then realized that he simply did not understand how we worked.

Unlike most other Internet companies, we buy in volume directly from overseas and domestic manufacturers. In recent months we have had almost 500 corsets ; 400 silicone breast forms, 2400 dresses and tops, 800 panties, and 2000 breast form bras produced for us.

We keep our eyes open for any closeouts that would be of value to our customers.

Our Italian hosiery is bought in 500 amounts and imported directly from the manufacturers.

Recently we purchased 8000 padded and girdle type garments from a company going out of business.

Our store and storage warehouse is so over packed that it can be difficult keeping track of it. BUT on the good side when YOU order from us 95% of the items are sitting here and ready to ship and you do not have to wait weeks as you might with other companies that carry no inventory but special order from the manufacturer when you place your actual order.

Our strategy of ordering in bulk and keeping a large inventory helps to offer many of our products at wholesale and sometimes even BELOW the original wholesale prices while allowing us to ship quickly to you! .